As Southern as Southern Gets

So say about nearly two years ago I was not myself…
And I’d gone slightly batty.
Hated Everything.
And Everyone.

Decided that in particular I really Hated where I lived.

(I’m still weary on that one)

And when the opportunity arose to leave for University,
I chose one of the furthest places in England I could think of.

Because it played girls Rugby.


I made an even bigger mistake…

Had a gap year.
Got better.
Realised what the hell I’d done…

Now. I’m stuck in the North.
And it’s rather cold up here you know,
for someone who weighs about 7 stone….

So this is the confessions of a Southerner.
Because while the rest of Epsom decided to go to Portsmouth.
I went to Newcastle….

Brown Ale Can’t be all that bad?

Now part of Lonely Blogs!! blog directory


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